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Dr. John G. Rippy


Dr. John Rippy, a native of Gallatin and a graduate of the University of Tennessee's College of Dentistry, is delighted to continue his father's passion for meeting the dental needs of patients in Sumner County and the surrounding areas. Dr. Rippy devotes substantial time to postdoctoral studies led by the nation's leading clinicians and is able to bring the latest advancements and highest quality in dental care to his patients. He enjoys helping his patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles that reflect their fullest potential.  Dr Rippy is an active member of the American Dental Association and the Tennessee Dental Association.

A family man at heart, Dr. Rippy and his wife Teresa are raising four young boys: Jackson, Garrett, Michael and Henry.  When he is not taking care of his patients, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors, fishing and camping with his wife and boys or in the garage building, woodworking, welding and "fixing things".

John, Teresa, Jackson, Garrett, Michael & Henry

Enjoying some fishing time

Proudly holding a fish caught by his son Garrett

Yosemite 2.jpg

Father and son hiking and camping time


Garrett, Henry, Jackson and Michael Rippy

Yosemite 1.jpg

Enjoying some family hiking adventures

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